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Optin Skin is a wonderful premium WordPress plugin which allows users to easily add professional-quality optin forms and social sharing boxes to their wordpress sites in minutes. This WordPress optin form plugin comes complete with 18, fully customizable, templates that allow you to get just the right look to match your WordPress site. With a full range of placement features, special effects, quick auto-responder integration, and customization options, your professional grade optin forms and social boxes will be added to your site in minutes.

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Optin Skin Review

Plugin Setup & Configuration:

Once Optin Skin is uploaded and activated through your Worpdress dashboard, it is very simple to have your first set of optin forms up and running. The first thing you do is create a skin using the ‘Create New Skin’ dashboard.

Optin Skin Create Skin:
Optin Skin Create Skin

Using this dashboard, you can select between several pre-designed templates and further customize them. Using this area you’ll be able to customize colors, text, images, redirect URLs, configure your auto-responder for that specific skin, set placement and special effects, and even setup split testing.

Optin Skin Skin Settings:
Optin Skin Skin Settings

With this area completed to your specifications, you simply save your skin and you then place your new Optin Skin Widget into your sidebar. If you selected to have your optin form show up in posts, it will automatically appear there on all specific posts and pages. A very simple and painless setup process for great looking optin forms.



  • 18 Preloaded Optin Form templates
  • Sidebar widget placement
  • Footer optin placement
  • Ability to place your optin form inside your content
  • Top of post optin placement
  • After first paragraph optin placement
  • Cut-and-paste auto-responder integration
  • HTML & CSS editor to create custom templates
  • Split testing
  • Skin impression and signup tracking for all posts and pages
  • Special Effects. Fade In – Fades into existence when the user gets to the specified position, drawing attention. Stick to top – Stays at the top of the screen once your user scrolls past.
  • Affiliate options – Add your Clickbank code to receive commission on sales when adding the Optin Skin tag to your optin forms.

Here are a few example of some of the features listed above:

Optin Skin First Paragraph Placement:
Optin Skin Paragraph

Optin Skin Footer Post Placement:
Optin Skin Footer

Optin Skin Right Paragraph Placement:
Optin Skin Right Paragraph

Optin Skin Split Testing:
Optin Skin Split Testing

Optin Skin Cut-and-Paste Auto Responder Integration:
Optin Skin Auto Responder Integration

Optin Skin Tracking:
Optin Skin Tracking

For views of even more features of this wordpress optin form plugin, or for different examples of the features listed above, please visit the Optin Skin Sales Page.



The customization of this plugin is just fantastic. The 18 templates are all fully customizable through the Skin Dashboard and with the HTML & CSS editor you can create just about any type of optin form you can imagine with this WordPress optin form plugin.

Optin Skin Create New Design:
Optin Skin Create

Optin Skin Template Customization:
Optin Skin Template Customization

Each of the provided 18 templates have custom fields that allow you to easily customize the template to suit your site. You can view all of the 18 templates that are available with this WordPress optin form plugin at the Optin Skin Sales Page. They have provided a nifty slider on this page which shows all available 18 templates for you to browse. The customization really is endless within the plugin and templates. If you can think it, you can build it. Optin Skin has provided you all the tools to create gorgeous looking optin form and social sharing boxes within this WordPress optin form plugin. Excellent stuff.



This is just a quality wordpress optin form plugin and the price is great too. If you haven’t noticed, I even use it on as well. It’s just such an easy to use, easy to install, and easy to customize plugin that it was really a no-brainer purchase for me. The $47 price includes a multi-site license that allows you to use this plugin on any and all of your personal websites. Due to the ease of use, the templates, the easy installation process, and the low price tag, I feel this is a tool that should be in every WordPress user’s toolbox. This wordpress optin form plugin really takes the pain out of adding beautiful looking optin forms to your site. With Optin Skin, you’ll never have to try and customize the lousy forms provided to you by your auto-responder service ever again. In closing, invest in yourself, invest in your business, and make sure you have something like Optin Skin or similar in your WordPress toolbox to help your business thrive and save you a lot of hassle.

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