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Wishlist Member

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Wishlist member is a powerful WordPress Membership Plugin that will allow you to turn your WordPress site into a membership site. With a full range of content protection features and multiple membership levels, Wishlist Member can easily meet all your WordPress membership plugin needs.

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Wishlist Member Review

Plugin Setup & Configuration:

After uploading and activating this wordpress membership plugin, the software will recognize that it is not set up and prompt you to run the setup wizard. The setup wizard will run you through setting up your membership levels, creating error pages for protected content (it will even create these pages for you), selecting which content you would like to be protected from non-members and selecting your member redirect pages for logins and successful registrations.

Wishlist Member Setup Wizard:
Wordpress Membership Plugin - Wishlist Member Setup Wizard

Once you’ve completed the setup wizard for this WordPress membership plugin, you’ll be taken to the Wishlist Member dashboard that gives you a general overview of your new membership site. You can now further customize your new WordPress membership plugin from here.

Wishlist Member Dashboard:
Wordpress Membership Plugin - Wishlist Member Dashboard

The Wishlist Member WordPress Membership Plugin interface is pretty straight forward and they’ve done a pretty good job of laying everything out in an easy-to-use manner. They have also went to great lengths to create a comprehensive video tutorial section to help answer any questions you may have about the software and for assistance in further customization. You will be able to access the entire video tutorial library with your Wishlist Products membership that you receive when you purchase this WordPress membership plugin.

Wishlist Member Video Tutorial Library:
Wordpress Membership Plugin - Wishlist Member Support Videos

In addition to the extensive support videos, you’ll have access to the Wishlist Support Desk, Wishlist Member Documentation, and even some helpful resources to give you tips on how to run a successful membership site. They’ve done a really good job of taking a task that could be incredibly difficult for newer WordPress users and made it as simple as possible while offering extensive support as well.



  • Unlimited Membership Levels
  • Customizable Free, Trial, or Paid Membership settings.
  • Pay Per Post options where users can pay for specific content on your site.
  • Full shopping cart integration. Currently supported payment solutions are:
    1Shopping Cart
    Premium Web Cart
    Red Oak Cart
    Generic (for unlisted payment options)
  • “Sneak Peak” Content Display
  • Partial Content Display Protection
  • Full Membership Management
  • Mutli-Level access options
  • Subscription Length Controls
  • Automatic membership upgrade control (after 30 days, for example)
  • Auto Responder Integration. Supported list:
    Auto Response Plus
    Constant Contact
    Get Response
    Interspire Email Marketer
    Generic (for solutions not listed)
  • GoToWebinar Ingetration
  • And many more. The customization of this WordPress membership plugin is fairly extensive.

Here are a few sample images of the Wishlist Member interface to display some of the features and control you have using this WordPress membership plugin.

Wishlist Member Membership Control:
Wordpress Membership Plugin - Wishlist Member Membership Control

Wishlist Member Content Control:
Wordpress Membership Plugin - Wishlist Member Content Control

Wishlist Member Sequential Upgrades:
Wordpress Membership Plugin - Wishlist Member Sequential Upgrade

Wishlist Member Integration:
Wordpress Membership Plugin - Wishlist Member Integration

Wishlist Member Post Options:
Wordpress Membership Plugin - Wishlist Member Post Options

One of the only features I found missing in Wishlist Member is the ability to easily drip feed content to various membership levels. You can drip feed content to members by clever use of the sequential upgrade feature and “graduating” members to new content periodically. This, however, can be quite a hassle if you’re trying to drip feed different content segments to different subscription levels. Other than that, this WordPress membership plugin is certainly feature rich. It contains far too many individual features to list them all and the Wishlist team is still releasing improvements to this WordPress membership plugin as well.



This WordPress membership plugin is an extremely polished product. The membership controls, redirects, content protection, and integration have all been tested extensively by the Wishlist Team and worked flawlessly on my test site. I was unable to produce any bugs or issues while configuring and testing the features of this plugin. While there is a learning curve to reaching certain customization levels, the power and performance of this wordpress membership plugin are exactly what you would expect from a premium wordpress plugin product.



Really impressed with this WordPress membership plugin. Going through the extensive tutorial database, the refined Wishlist Member dashboard, and all the other areas of Wishlist Member, it’s easy to see that the Wishlist Team really stands behind this product and have went to great lengths to try and deliver a quality product with quality support. If you’re looking to add membership capabilities to a new or existing site, I have little doubt that Wishlist Member can meet the needs of your project. This feature rich and openly customizable plugin can help even the most unique membership models come to fruition.