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Popup Domination is a premium WordPress LightBox Plugin. The aim of this product is to be a complete solution for all your LightBox needs. With ready made templates, an easy to use interface, and full customization options, you can be using this plugin to increase your email list subscriptions in very little time after purchase.

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Popup Domination Review

Plugin Setup & Configuration:

After uploading the .zip file of your new WordPress lightbox plugin, you’ll be taken to the Popup Domination campaign dashboard. This is the heart of the plugin where you can manage your popup campaigns,  customize the look of each included template or upload new templates. The last screenshot shows the Mailing List Manager which is the area you’ll be using to configure Popup Domination to your auto-responder service.

Popup Domination Campaign Dashboard:
WordPress LightBox Plugin - Popup Domination Dashboard

Popup Domination Look & Feel:
WordPress LightBox Plugin - Popup Domination Look & Feel

Popup Domination Content (This area changes based on which template you are using):
WordPress LightBox Plugin - Popup Domination Content

Popup Domination Bullets:
WordPress LightBox Plugin - Popup Domination Bullets

Popup Domination Settings:
WordPress LightBox Plugin - Popup Domination Settings

Popup Domination Mailing List Center:
WordPress LightBox Plugin - Popup Domination Mail

These are the main 5 areas in which you will be customizing your Popup Domination campaigns. Each area is fairly straight forward. If you have any questions, Popup Domination has a full support center or you can email the staff directly. The support center contains helpful videos which will guide you step-by-step through the full setup of this WordPress LightBox Plugin. With the plugin interface being well organized and easy to follow, I found the setup of my campaigns and light boxes to be a breeze.



Ok, so here is what you get when you purchase Popup Domination and all the main features of this WordPress lightbox plugin.

  • 10 Included LightBox Templates (Their sales page says 11 templates, but I only see 10). 5 standard templates, 3 templates showcasing a product and 2 video templates. Highly Customizable.
  • Full Preview. Preview each template as you customize them without having to implement them on your live site.
  • Campaign Analytics. This tracks your conversion rate for each individual campaign.
  • A/B Testing. Popup Domination will even allow you to load dual campaigns to run simultaneously and track the results for you. This makes split testing your light boxes a breeze.
  • URL Redirect. Send your visitors where you want them upon signup.
  • Easy Auto Responder Setup. Supporting the most popular auto responders, Popup Domination makes configuration very simple.
  • Side Bar Domination Plugin. An additional plugin which allows you to put great looking opt-in forms on your side bar. This is also customizable.
  • SiteProfit Domination Course. Video course by Michael Dunlops all about getting and converting traffic.
  • Full PSD files for Popup Domination.

Now on to the screenshots to give you a better idea of what you’ll be getting with Popup Domination.

Many of these screenshots where created using the handy “Launch Preview” feature inside Popup Domination.

Popup Domination Template 1:
WordPress LightBox Plugin - Popup Domination Template 1

Popup Domination Template 2:
WordPress LightBox Plugin - Popup Domination Template 2

Popup Domination Template 3:
WordPress LightBox Plugin - Popup Domination Template 3

Popup Domination Template 4:
WordPress LightBox Plugin - Popup Domination Template 4

Popup Domination Template 5:
WordPress LightBox Plugin - Popup Domination Template 5

Popup Domination Template 6:
WordPress LightBox Plugin - Popup Domination Template 6

Popup Domination Template 7:
WordPress LightBox Plugin - Popup Domination Template 7

Popup Domination Template 8:
WordPress LightBox Plugin - Popup Domination Template 8

Popup Domination Template 9:
WordPress LightBox Plugin - Popup Domination Template 9

Popup Domination Template 10:
WordPress LightBox Plugin - Popup Domination Template 10



Popup Domination Analytics:
WordPress LightBox Plugin - Popup Domination Analytics


SideBar Domination Plugin:
This is a free additional product that comes with the Popup Domination WordPress lightbox plugin. It has it’s own customization area where you can manipulate the look at feel of this widget.

SideBar Domination Example:
WordPress LightBox Plugin - Popup Domination SideBar Domination



They did a pretty good job including a variety of templates to start with and with each being customizable with different color combinations. It’s very easy to make a LightBox that both, fits your needs and matches your website design. They’ve also made it easy to understand how to manipulate the existing templates through the Popup Domination interface by putting little hints below input fields. This little extra help is exceptionally helpful in customizing your lightbox to get the look and feel you are after. Short of a complete WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, the customization ability is top notch in this WordPress lightbox plugin.



The first word that comes to mind when trying to sum up this WordPress lightbox plugin is “Professionals.” You can tell right away that Popup Domination was designed by internet marketers for internet marketers. They’ve included absolutely everything you need to implement this plugin shortly after purchase. The templates and customization ability is very good. The campaign analytics and A/B testing are powerful features that will allow you to quickly and easily see which light boxes are performing the best. This helps you maximize your site’s subscription potential as well as your profit. The added bonus of SideBar Domination plugin makes this a really well rounded product; one that is capable of being your foundation for mailing list campaigns for a long time to come. I would say that if you’re serious about maximizing your website’s revenue through acquiring email subscriptions, then this is certainly a good buy. So do light boxes like the pros, get Popup Domination today and increase those subscription rates!

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