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WP Robot takes WordPress autoblogging to the next level. With a huge range of features and post options, this WordPress autoblog plugin allows you to run a hands-free, fully functional WordPress site. By setting various keywords in your WP Robot campaigns, this WordPress autoblog plugin will automatically post keyword relevant content to your site from a wide variety of sources including: Clickbank, Amazon, Ebay, Article Directories, Yahoo News, Flickr, and many more.

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WP Robot Review

Plugin Setup & Configuration:

By this plugin’s very nature, setup is a little more involved than other plugins. However, the WP Robot team has done a good job of making the interface user friendly and included video tutorials on topics ranging from the initial setup of this WordPress autoblog plugin to customizing advanced posting features. In addition to the videos, you’ll also have unlimited access to the WP Robot Support Forums in which you can get specialized help for any problems you may encounter in setting up or using WP Robot.

After uploading the .zip file of WP Robot in my WordPress dashboard, I was able to specify a few accounts and had my first campaign created and making posts for me in around 10 minutes. Here’s a look at WP Robot setup and support:

WP Robot Support Videos:
Wordpress Autoblog Plugin - WP Robot Videos

WP Robot Support Forums:
Wordpress Autoblog Plugin - WP Robot Support Forums

WP Robot Create Campaign:
Wordpress Autoblog Plugin - WP Robot Create Campaign

WP Robot Campaign Control:
Wordpress Autoblog Plugin - WP Robot Campaign Control

WP Robot General Options:
Wordpress Autoblog Plugin - WP Robot General Options



  • Wide range of accounts and sites from which WP Robot grabs content from.WP Robot Accounts Example:
    Wordpress Autoblog Plugin - WP Robot Account Options
  1. Amazon
  2. Articles (,,
  3. Clickbank
  4. Ebay
  5. Flickr
  6. Yahoo! Answers
  7. Yahoo! News
  8. YouTube
  9. RSS
  10. Twitter
  11. Commission Junction
  12. Oodle
  13. ShopZilla
  14. iTunes
  15. Linkshare
  16. Eventful
  17. Yelp
  18. Sharesale
  19. Avantlink
  20. PLR text files
  • Content Rewriting. WP Robot can sync up with content spinning services to rewrite content for WP Robot posts.
    WP Robot Rewrite:
    Wordpress Autoblog Plugin - WP Robot Rewrite
  • Automatic Affiliate ID inclusion. WP Robot will automatically add your affiliate ID’s to posts.
  • Template Customization.
    WP Robot Posting Templates:
    Wordpress Autoblog Plugin - WP Robot Templates
  • Automatic Translation. Using Google Translate, WP Robot can automatically translate content before it is posted to your site.
  • Cloak affiliate links
  • Add random times to posts. This makes your blog appear more natural by adjusting the posted date of content.



I specified a couple WordPress Plugin keywords and set WP Robot to make a few posts on my site to test it’s performance. I was fairly impressed. WP Robot had no trouble grabbing related content from the accounts specified and posting them to my site. Here are a few examples of the article directory module post and the Clickbank module post:

WP Robot Posting Dashboard:
Wordpress Autoblog Plugin - WP Robot Posting

WP Robot Article Post Example:
Wordpress Autoblog Plugin - WP Robot Article Example
WP Robot includes author bio link to keep you in line with the article directory’s terms of service.

WP Robot Clickbank Example:
Wordpress Autoblog Plugin - WP Robot ClickBank
Links automatically include your affiliate ID for commission on sales.

WP Robot can include everything from videos, to images, to full product listings. The posting format is really up to you and what you want to achieve. They’ve made this WordPress autoblog plugin as versatile as possible and included all the core features you’d need for flawless auto posting of keyword relevant content. They’ve even included some demo blog’s at the WP Robot site to give you a much better grasp of what can be achieved through WP Robot. Simply head over to the WP Robot Sales Page and click “Demo” to browse their demo blogs.



While the utilizing this plugin’s full potential takes a bit of experience, it’s very easy to see why this is one of the most popular WordPress autoblog plugins in the world. The versatility and ongoing improvements being made to this WordPress autoblog plugin make it a professional grade tool for webmasters of all experience levels. You can use WP Robot to run a fully automated WordPress site, use it to compliment an already existing site with additional, keyword relevant content, or use it to add additional income to your WordPress site through automatic affiliate posts from a variety of networks. You’re really only limited by your creativity with WP Robot. They’ve given us all the tools and support needed to really redefine autoblogging for users like you and I. This is simply the most complete WordPress autoblog plugin on the market. See for yourself by clicking below and checking out their demo videos and demo blogs for more great information on WP Robot.

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