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Digi Traffic Multiplier is a very unique form of wordpress autoblog plugin which will populate your site with Q&A (questions and answers) content relevant to keywords you are already receiving traffic for, and for keywords you specify directly.

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Digi Traffic Multiplier Review

Plugin Setup & Configuration:

Initial installation of this wordpress autoblog plugin is the same as most plugins. Simply upload the .zip file through the WordPress plugin dashboard and activate the plugin. However, before you can utilize Digi Traffic Multiplier, you must configure the plugin.

This process is a little more complex than most plug-and-play type plugins available. First, you need to register for a Yahoo! API key (free). Then, you’ll need to set up a cron job on your host server for the plugin to function automatically. While this will sound like a daunting task to the less technically inclined, lucky for us, Digi Traffic Multiplier includes a 1m46s video tutorial on how to set up the cron job correctly. I followed along with the video, pausing it while applying the instructions, and had no problems setting the cron job. Once this is done, you then head back to your WordPress dashboard to configure the plugin itself. Here is a view of the plugin options and configuration page:

Digi Traffic Multiplier Options Page:
Digi Traffic Multiplier Options



With all that setup, Digi Traffic Multiplier will now automatically post a new post relating to your keywords with the Q&A content for the time you have specified. You can also use a button in the options menu to force this wordpress autoblog plugin to create a post. Here is what the Digi Traffic Multiplier created posts will look like:

Digi Traffic Multiplier Post Example:
Digi Traffic Multiplier Example

This format continues throughout the post for however many questions you specified Digi Traffic Multiplier to meet in the settings page.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to make Digi Traffic Multiplier create custom titles for new posts. So, each post came up with the same name, even though the post content was different from each previous post. The one thing to notice is that throughout the post, your specified keyword is met and found sprinkled all throughout the questions and answers in bolded text. Similar wordpress autoblog plugins that I have seen in the past would just grab random garbage and post it to your blog, but all the content I’m seeing pulled seems to be relevant and targeted to the pre-seeded keywords I specified. I’m unable to verify the quote in the manual and from the sales page that states:

Digi Traffic Multiplier is a ‘smart’ wordpress autoblog plugin in that it identifies the keywords
that are driving targeted visitors to your site from the search engines.

The test blog which I installed this wordpress autoblog plugin on receives no traffic (for obvious reasons), so this feature of the plugin I will not be able to verify. Having experience with Digi products myself, I don’t believe they would state something that isn’t true, so I’d believe this plugin will create posts based on your incoming keyword phrases in addition to the pre-seeded phrases.



The output of the Digi Traffic Multiplier is not customizable through the interface. You can use your own admin image, but using different images for the “question askers” has to be done by hand. Meaning, you must create and upload the individual images to the Digi Traffic Multiplier graphics folder on your server and replace the ones you want to replace.



This is a very neat little wordpress autoblog plugin. While on its own it may not be able to sustain a successful wordpress site, I can easily see the potential for additional traffic and reputation building. This type of wordpress autoblog plugin would be great for sites who would like to simulate an active FAQ (frequently asked questions) page related to their site and simply set Digi Traffic Multiplier to post all generated content under that category to give your viewers additional information to browse through. With a little creativity, the full power of this plugin can be realized. I feel it is yet another very useful plugin product from Digi.

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  1. I’ve tested quite alot of autoblog plugins, but this is a sort of unique one that can help to build great autoblogs that vistors will love. If you haven’t been successful with autoblogging yet, you should try this one.

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